Nirantara Fabrics

We at Nirantara want to celebrate our Indian fabrics and age old hand-weaving techniques in your homes, with the dignity they deserve. The essence of pure  natural threads weaved via traditional techniques under the care of expert artisans cannot be substituted by machine. We want our fabrics to be used to their full potential. Collaborating with Creatives; architects, interiors, studios, designers and home decor enthusiasts, we strive to bring the best decor in your living spaces.


We as a brand cannot overstate the importance of architects, interior designers, studios, furniture designers and home decor enthusiasts in achieving our main goal of promoting Indian handloom fabrics. We firmly believe that the knowledge, aesthetic sense and creative visions of our collaborators is the best way to showcase and utilize our fabrics. We wish to create a community that loves beautiful spaces adorned with handlooms. We offer special rates, discounts and services to professionals, please check this link if you are one. 

Nirantara Fabrics was founded by Shobhana Saboo, a 40 year old homemaker in Indore. The aim was to promote natural textiles in order to empower women working in the handloom sector. The Indian Textile Industry accounts for more than 35 million workers, of which 55% are female. With this in mind our founder(s) sought to create job opportunities, especially for women in the TRIBAL setups. We provide villages and homes with small looms that can be operated as per their convenience. Nirantara Fabrics has also started donating 2% from our sales to Women Rights Organizations, with plans to collaborate with more NGOs and institutions in the future. 

Each square inch of hand woven fabric is unique and unrepeatable. The quintessence of the handloom lies in its imperfect nature. Each thread is knotted by looms worked upon by bare hands, and so every “than” is thus a work of art. Our brand strives to provide an aesthetic textile palette to our customers and collaborate with partners to transform your living spaces. Raising the beauty of our homes and living spaces can dramatically increase well being and create positive energies by itself. 

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