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Cotton is the oldest textile in history, it is procured from cotton bolls, that are the seeds of the cotton plant. Cotton is preferred as it is easily available, cost effective, has a light texture and is low maintenance.


Linen is made from the fibers from the stems of the flax plant. This fabric is mainly used for its strength, durability, absorbency and longevity.


This beautiful and luxurious fabric is produced by silkworms when they spin themselves in a cocoon to become silk-moths. Silk is known for its elasticity, varying texture, sheen and strength.


Also known as the golden fiber due to its , it is extracted from the bark of white jute plant and is also the second most produced plant based fiber. Jute is mainly used for its absorbency, easily blended with other fabrics and has tensile strength.


These fabrics are delicate, lightweight textiles renowned for their translucent appearance and graceful draping qualities.The manufacturing process involves skilfully spinning and weaving these fine threads into an open, loose pattern, creating a translucent texture that allows soft, natural light to gracefully filter through.

In House Blends

Our handloom blends are especially developed for various purposes; cost effectiveness, increasing lifespan of textiles, beautiful designs and maintenance. We infuse pure fabrics to make timeless pieces that dignify the fabrics we use.